In today’s business environment customers demand more information about products and services before they are ready to commit.

They not only want complete information but they want it instantaneously and in an organized manor so they can better compare and contrast with competitors.

With a well-designed website you can reach customers from anyplace and at any time, providing that content and accessibility that they demand. In addition, by you putting your own content out there about your products and services you add your voice to conversation that is already being had about your brand.

We see your website as more than just a graphical interface, it is an information portal, a marquee to an online marketplace and an extension of your branding and marketing efforts. We will look at your type of business and explore solutions that best leverages your market.


  • 2Dads Moving Co.
  • Be Now Fitness
  • Integrity Home Repair
  • Justin Klemann
  • Brooks Chase HOA

In alignment with the branding Two Dads Moving needed a website that would be simple, elegant, friendly and packed full of valuable information.

In addition we needed some useful widgets, contact form, twitter feeds (for their surprisingly robust social media marketing campaign), social media links, calendar and even a box calculator. As for page content we needed a contact page, an about, home, somewhere to look at reviews and the box calculator and pages that described specific services.

To start, we created a sitemap outlining the pages and subpages; this gave us direction on the content. We decided on a Home, About, Residential, Commercial, Resources –box calculator, moving checklist and reviews- and Contact Us. For each of the pages we focused on unique pitches for each page with back links leading customers to the contact form with an attempt to drive customer traffic to fill out our contact form and give us their information.

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Be Now Fitness Training is a local, Indianapolis area, fitness center hosting a variety of classes, personal and group training, and interchangeable corporate wellness packages

The branding for this needed to be impactful and action orientated, so it would accurately reflect the energy of this organization

After an exhaustive brainstorming process looking at a multitude of word and phrase combination we decided on “Be Now” as it works seamlessly in a variety of messages that could be honed to specific target market groups. The logo utilizes a total of three different modified fonts to create a dynamic tension between the juxtaposition of sans-serif and script typography. The colors chosen were decided by the owners and are present in all design pieces, even the gym decor. An example of how to leverage your branding in every way, even color combinations.

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Integrity Home Repair

Brad Johnson, founder of Integrity Home Repair, was in need of a website that would not only highlight his services and deliver his contact information, but he needed a website that would showcase his professionalism and his attention to detail.

The website we created, we hope, did just that, highlighting his most valuable services and explaining how his craftsmanship skills can be levearged by them to maintain and increase the value of their homes.

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Justin Klemann is a local Indianapolis artist with an expertise in painting and illustrations.

His website, is his portfolio site for people to look at his gallery and contact him for any private work or to purchase existing pieces.

Being that the website was for a professional artist we were blessed with the opportunity to take a step away from the conventional and be creative, without losing function for form. What we came up with was a very attractive site that worked seamlessly with desktop or on mobile devices while delivering content fast and with impact.

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Brooks Chase Home Owners Association.

Came to us to develop a user interface for communicating with the community on announcements, special events and and local contact information for community services.

What we developed was simple yet elegant website featuring an event calendar, blog to post announcements and then share via social media and imagery taken from around the neighborhood by Nue Hue Photography.

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