As a business leader you are challenged to wear many hats when making critical decisions, but ultimately the most important hat you wear is that of the salesman.

With that salesman hat on you effort tirelessly to introduce potential customers with your products and services. You reach out to them with advertising, company websites, review websites, blogs, word-of-mouth, headhunters and social media just for the opportunity to get them to your door where you and your sales team can do what you all do best, close.

After all of the success of your digital marketing efforts to put you in front potential customers, it is now up to you to shake their hand and leave them with a lasting impression; Business cards, letterheads, promotional materials and uniforms all offer unique opportunities and challenges for designers and business leaders. Developing effective printed design materials shows your attention to detail and aligns with your branding effort.

  • Tegry Bistro
  • SRG Boxing
  • 2Dads Moving Co.
  • Be Now Fitness Training

Located in the Geist-Fishers area, Tegry Bistro is a contemporary Asian Fusion style Bistro serving outstanding Sushi, Bento Boxes, Cevichi, and some amazing specialty entrees.

The two projects we worked on for them was a redesign on their menu and a direct mailer that they were going to release in the fall of that year. For the menu we worked up a variety of fo different styles and sizes of menus from a large 11″x 17″ double sides to a trifold to a 2 page 8.5″x 11″. What they finally decided on was 8.5″x 11″ which was similar to their original.

For the Direct mailer they told us that they wanted something that showed off their food, had some offers that would drive traffic and a menu if that could happen. The latter would be the hardest part because they in fact had two menus, a regular dinner menu and a sushi menu. For the design we decided that if the mailer could fold we could get twice the real estate, and in fact with the right tweaks to the font size and omission of descriptions we got it done.



SRG Boxing-N-Training is a local Indianapolis workout facility catering to personal training and and group classes, with a competitive corporate wellness program.

For these corporate wellness presentation materials we utilized color coding each service line to help organize the marketing materials, and then would reappear in training materials that went with each of the subjects, such that all materials -be they promotional or supplementary- that pertained to team building would have the same red marker etc. Images are all original images taken in the facilities of SRG by Nue Hue, and then stylized in post production.

As with any start up, 2Dads Moving had a limited budget and big need for highly effective printed design work from business cards, to coupon cards, to flyers, to uniforms, to letterheads and other customer documents.

Their professional impression on customers was pivotal, especially in those first struggling months. They knew that their goal competing with the larger movers would hinge on their ability to walk the walk and look the look of their counterparts in order to build their reputation and increase their word of mouth business. To do our part, we collaborated on the most cost effective yet impressionable marketing and professional materials.

In the promotion of Be Now Fitness Training, this organization created various printed promotion materials for both external and internal promotions, as well as, internal operation materials

The business cards were the first materials to be printed which we tuned the logo on its side and reused fonts from the logo to fill in all the pertinent information. On the back we left a blank space for any notes while adding a QR code that directed users to a contact form that when filled out sent the user an email with a free offer and redirected them to the mobile website for An additional business card was made for general stall that left the name field blank for the staff member to write in themselves. This is a useful tool for turning regular staff members into promotional vehicles.

For a promotion for their Bridal Training Package they needed a brochure that highlighted all the features of the service package but spoke directly with brides-to-be. For this one piece we decided to alter from the brand colors and opted for a sea foam green and salmon pink and altered the logo from “Be Now Fitness Training” to “Be Now Bridal Training”. In addition, the QR code also directed to a similar themed contact form that, like the others, sent an email out to users that submitted and redirected them to the home page.

The Be Now Workout Journal was created for users of the the personal trainers to log their progress while working out. The pages inside are graphical tables where users or trainers can fill in what exercises they did and note the amount of repetitions per set. In the back, note pages were created to give the user and trainers a place to write down measurements, note some nutritional tips, or the like.


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