Somewhere in the development process of your company you have imprinted a bit of yourself and planted the seedling for your company culture within those products and services. This many not have been intentional, but it’s there and your customers can feel it and can be drawn to it if you can properly leverage that feeling.

As a part of human nature we are attracted to dynamic personalities and personalities that align with your value system. Your company culture gives your company and its products and services a personality. Branding is more than just name or a logo. Branding is your business or products image or personality, your logo is just the identifier or visual cue that your customers will use to distinguish it from competitors.

When we at Nue Hue sit down with you to discuss your branding opportunity we look at where your business is currently, where you plan to be in the future, how it differentiates itself in the market, who their target market/ or users are, and much more. Basically we do an in depth analysis of your company, your market and your competitors and create a competitive strategy that will carry forward not only in your branding efforts, but to your social media, advertising messages, web design and any other marketing campaign.


  • Knights Development Group
  • Elevation is a Must
  • Be Now Fitness Training

Knights Development Group is a consulting company that partners with small business leaders to grow and develop their business and product lines.

They wanted a brand that spoke to their ability to be a strategic partner and their agility in competitive environments.

What we came up with was Knights Development Group. On a chess board the Knight is the most tactical and nimble piece on the board with an ability to jump over pieces in its way and come in and attack at awkward angles.  For the font we chose a classical serif font with an attractive lowercase “g.” For the knight piece image, we chose to hand sketch on the Wacom tablet and then convert it to vector format with care to preserve its scratchy lines. We painted the image primarily with cool colors but accented it with some soft warm tones. We left it blotchy and rough to add an abstract element to it. We then laid the image down on a blue grid and sketched some directional lines around the head to simulate a path or movement. We wanted the image to speak for the brand as a company that was a bit rough around the edges and abstract, but strategic, creative and always in motion.


David Gibson is an amateur boxer and motivational speaker.

When David came to us he wanted us to take a name he came up with and develop a logo.

We played with a lot of fonts but ultimately it was an Art Deco style font that we based it on because of its clean, simplistic lines and sharp corners. We arranged the words in the name to decrease the amount of space needed to host the logo, but saw that it was still a little big, especially for thumbnails. We decided to abbreviate the logo, and for a fun twist we left the lowercase “L” so the abbreviation would spell out “ELM.” With that we knew we had something that he could incorporate to his speaking routine –“the elm grows by establishing a root system then reaches for the sky…” The letter “L” was a vector image created in conjunction with the leaf to form a pictograph of a tree. The bottom of the “L” was curved just a touch to differentiate it an uppercase sans-serif “I,” and to hint subtlety at root. The leaf is a stylized elm leaf drawn by hand on a Wacom tablet and edited as a vector image.


Be Now Fitness Training is a local, Indianapolis area, fitness center hosting a variety of classes, personal and group training, and interchangeable corporate wellness packages

The branding for this needed to be impactful and action orientated, so it would accurately reflect the energy of this organization

After an exhaustive brainstorming process looking at a multitude of word and phrase combination we decided on “Be Now” as it works seamlessly in a variety of messages that could be honed to specific target market groups. The logo utilizes a total of three different modified fonts to create a dynamic tension between the juxtaposition of sans-serif and script typography. The colors chosen were decided by the owners and are present in all design pieces, even the gym decor. An example of how to leverage your branding in every way, even color combinations.


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