Just creating a product and bringing it to market is not enough in today’s competitive business environment. You must let people know you are there and show them why you are the value leader.

Your business products need a voice. A voice that is consistent with your branding initiative and in consideration to your marketing budget, but most importantly a voice that is loud and that will resonate with potential customers.

Whether your marketing campaign is calling for advertising for traditional print medias, like magazine and newspaper ads, or new digital medias, like social media or html email campaigns, we will work with you on designing aesthetically appeasing and impressionable content.

  • 2Dads Moving Co.
  • Be Now Fitness Training

In designing effective advertising solutions for 2Dads Moving Company we looked at the branding, Medias, pertinent information and the message.

 For this colorful digital media ad we had lot of room to play with, and we definitely took full advantage of the canvas space. These colorful cardboard cutouts were originally created on Adobe Photoshop and converted to vector format in Adobe Illustrator.


This next ad solution was created for a flyer that they used in apartment canvasing. The size of the flyer was half a standard 8.5” x 11” sheet of paper, or 5.5” x 8.5”. This was chosen to save money on printing costs. A QR Code was incorporated to add an interactive element which leads to the company website with more valuable content and a contact form.

In this monotone advertisement 2Dads Moving wanted to reach out to UIndy’s graduating class. The Ad space was 3.5” x 5” and constrained to black and white format.


These fun comic ads were drawn originally by hand and then converted into vector format and then colored in Adobe Illustrator, finally the ads were rendered into jpegs. They were created for a social media campaign to garner new likes and potentially be shared with other users.


In alignment with the social media marketing campaign, these digital discount cards were distributed over the various social media platforms rendered as jpegs so they could be housed in photo albums and easily shared.

Be Now Fitness Training entered the market with a ferocious ad campaign which leveraged a variety of advertising pieces from Direct mailers, to door hangers to digital and print ads created with impactful images and bold colors.

All images used by Be Now Fitness Training are original and taken by Nue Hue Co. Photography. Another reoccurring element is the QR Code, that when scanned, can take you to specific pages within www.benowfitness.com, including a contact form that when you fill it out automatically generates an email with a free trial offer attached to it, then kindly redirects you back to the home page.



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