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Located in Broad Ripple Village, Good Earth has been an institution providing health foods and supplements for over 50 years.

We were contacted by them to design a postcard sized (4″ x 5″) flyer for their weekly radio show about healthy living. There specification were to use some fun interesting fonts and jewel toned colors. Other than that they said it was pretty much up to us.

For our first pass the idea behind it was pretty straight forward, old timely radio program ad meets vintage postcard fit for health food store. The beige background on the front and back has a canvas texturing to resemble reusable shopping bags. The layout on the back resembles a layout you’d see in an old post card; also the white border on the front to reinforce that sentiment. The title in red with the white border attempts to pop with that 50’s poster art appeal. the script fonts following that tie back to the vintage postcard. The art elements of the vintage mic and globe and both treated with that canvas effect like the background so it melds seamlessly into it, and helps to balance the 3 themes.

The first pass was liked by their art director but need a bit more pop as these cards would be resting on a light color wood surface and the beige background would blend right into counter. we ended up delivering 10 different iterations that she whittled  down to 3 and  had a vote with her co-workers on a final decision. This is the final decision.

For more information on Good Earth and the products they sell take a look at their website:

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