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Located in the Geist-Fishers area, Tegry Bistro is a contemporary Asian Fusion style Bistro serving outstanding Sushi, Bento Boxes, Cevichi, and some amazing specialty entrees.

The two projects we worked on for them was a redesign on their menu and a direct mailer that they were going to release in the fall of that year. For the menu we worked up a variety of fo different styles and sizes of menus from a large 11″x 17″ double sides to a trifold to a 2 page 8.5″x 11″. What they finally decided on was 8.5″x 11″ which was similar to their original.

For the Direct mailer they told us that they wanted something that showed off their food, had some offers that would drive traffic and a menu if that could happen. The latter would be the hardest part because they in fact had two menus, a regular dinner menu and a sushi menu. For the design we decided that if the mailer could fold we could get twice the real estate, and in fact with the right tweaks to the font size and omission of descriptions we got it done.


In addition to the design work, Nue Hue Photography did a photo shoot for all of the items you see in these pieces of print media. For more information on that take a look at this article from our sister site!

For more information on how Nue Hue Co. can help your restaurant or business with design projects, image content or to develop a new marketing strategy, Contact Us Here!

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