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Integrity Home Repair founder Brad Johnson came to us in need of some branding work and a website for his for brand new handyman services business.

What we ended up creating for him is a branding strategy that included an eye catching logo, business cards, website, and a number of landing pages designed to highlight each of his services and contact forms that fed directly to an automated email marketing system powered by Delivera.

For the logo we chose to do a wordmark and an image:

The playful script font added emphasis to “Integrity” and a nice counterbalance to the block style serif font. The the draftsman made effect to the block font helps to express the a sort of rough under construction feel that lends to the type of business this is.

The blue print house further exemplifies that the carpentry work done by Integrity Home Repair is for residential work only. Its minimalist design lends well to reproduction on marketing materials large and small.

For the website,, we knew we needed to build a website that not only discussed what they did, but also ensured the potential customer they were true professionals and there was no confusion on how to reach them. On the site we organized pages on the specific type of work he did; carpentry, flooring, painting and home repair; an about us page that discussed all his previous experience, a contact page and a gallery to show off some of the work he has already done.

On the Home page we included some hot buttons that redirected you to services pages, an excerpt from the about page, a carousel of customer reviews and spots at the top and the bottom of the page where users can get email and phone information.

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